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Poster Forge

Poster Forge 1.02.05

Create original, fun posters from your own photos

Poster Forge is a fun tool that enables you to create posters with your own digital pictures in a very easy way. Unlike other similar tools, which only create larger versions of the image for you to print out, Poster Forge adds some cool effects...
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  • by Anonymous

    Sounds fun but.... I'd love to try it - but I'm a Mac. My school PC is Windows 7. Any plans for this? B. OK, I can't submit without adding extra stuff - so here it is!

  • by Anonymous

    comes with free proposter !. the good thing about this poster forge is that it comes with free proposter software, a 19 dollar program.

  • by Anonymous

    kind of nice editing program. I think it will suit most of those who like to add up text and additional feature into their picture not worrying folowing tutorial. Pros: nice. Cons: none